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Winter Meetings Day Two: Texas Rangers Morning Update

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I see you Evan Grant
I see you Evan Grant
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

So what's been going on at the Winter Meetings so far?



After hanging out with Minnie, Jon Daniels had quotes for Richard Durrett and Mark Saxon on the team's needs as the duo share ESPN Dallas Winter Meetings Day One recapping duties.

Evan Grant writes about the Rangers meeting with the agents for Shin-Soo Choo and Nelson Cruz yesterday while they keep an eye on the Masahiro Tanaka posting situation.

Jeff Wilson writes about the transaction winds blowing through the lobbies of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort as the Rangers try to find another outfield bat. Unfortunately, the first day in Orlando was filled with hot air.

T.R. Sullivan recaps Ron Washington's media briefing from yesterday. At the top of Wash's wishlist is, as always, a sexy buntsmith. Coming in a close second place is a middle-of-the-order power bat.

After the rumors that Choo talks had reached a critical stage, a possible first day signing took a terminal turn. So Durrett writes about Michael Morse as a cheaper alternative should the Rangers fail to land their top target instead.

About those David Price rumors that the Rangers keep getting attached to every time his name is brought up... Grant has quotes from JD stating that the Rangers likely aren't in the starting pitching trade market.

Sullivan writes that, in addition to all of the player acquisition hullabaloo of the Winter Meetings, the Rangers also await word on if Eric Nadel will win the Frick Award which will be announced on Wednesday.

T.R. Sullivan's Notebook is back! Sullivan covers the Rangers meeting with Nelson Cruz's agent, the Rangers checking in on Roy Halladay before he announced his retirement yesterday, Joey Gallo's workout buddies, and various other notes.

Finally, I believe it was 13 years ago today that word came out that Alex Rodriguez was going to sign with the Texas Rangers. Unbelievably, the news that Alex Rodriguez would sign with the Rangers is now old enough to be a moody teenager.

Where were you when you heard the Rangers signed A-Rod? I'm pretty sure I was in Broussard Hall playing NBA2K on my Sega Dreamcast. My Ranger-sense started tingling so I decided to check ESPN on the SegaNet portal when I saw the headline. I'm pretty sure I dunked a NERF basketball pretty hard after that.