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Winter Meetings Wednesday Morning Links

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What's that, Ranger fans? Corey Hart doesn't do it for ya? Well what about... Michael Morse!

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Anthony Andro has a story on J.P. Arencibia, where we learn that he is okay with being a backup and is looking forward to both the Texas heat and playing for a winner.

Jeff Wilson says the Rangers are not completely out of the starting pitching market, and also there is a humorous picture of Bartolo Colon included. Wilson also reports that the bidding for Shin-Soo Choo has reached a level some baseball insiders have labeled "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs," with Choo apparently seeking a deal comparable to Jacoby Elsbury, and that Jon Daniels doesn't think Nelson Cruz owes Texas a discount.

Apparently, the Rangers are interested in Bartolo Colon on a one year deal as insurance for a questionable Matt Harrison and Colby Lewis and a placeholder for young prospects on the way.

T.R. Sullivan reports that the Rangers will likely bid on Tanaka if he's posted but don't expect to ultimately sign him, and also that, contra Jeff Wilson, the Rangers are in the best position to sign Choo.

Evan Grant takes a look at Cruz, Choo, and Tanaka and lays out the contract possibilities for each. There are apparently rumors that Nellie turned out a 5 year $75 million offer from Seattle, which sounds crazy but then, no, it doesn't really.

With Arencibia's deal becoming official, Evan Grant has some quotes from the new catcher.

Richard Durrett tells us that the Rakuten Golden Eagles have not yet made a decision on whether they will post Masahiro Tanaka.

Durrett's notes column has the "Nelson Cruz doesn't owe the Rangers quote," as well as Tanner Scheppers preparing as if he'll start and Jon Daniels talking rolling the dice on injured players, and has a post wondering if The Ballpark will help Arencibia's numbers.

Durrett's "Lobby Talk" passes along the scuttlebutt about Choo's asking price going too rich for Texas, as well as lukewarm interest in Corey Hart and Michael Morse. Durrett's Hot Stove Talk column was on Domonic Brown, who can reportedly be had for controllable young pitching.

Finally, you might think that the drink of conquerors would be the tears of the fallen, but you'd be wrong. Because it's milk.