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Friday a.m. Rangers things

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Friday morning Rangers news and links

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Morning everyone.  Excited about Russell Wilson?  No?  Oh well...

Jeff Wilson has a story about where things stand right now with the Ranger offseason, with quotes from Jon Daniels about how he doesn't expect "any more substantial, big moves."  Which I'd put in the same category as his statement earlier in the offseason that the payroll was going to be around the same -- $120-125M -- as last year.  It might end up being true, but I wouldn't bet on it.

T.R. Sullivan recaps what the Rangers did during the Winter Meetings.

Wilson has a story about the Rangers picking Russell Wilson in the Rule 5 draft, with Jon Daniels saying that this isn't a publicity stunt.

Sullivan also has a story on Russell Wilson, with quotes from Wilson about talking to Daniels and wanting to come to spring training.

Evan Grant has a story on the Wilson selection, with quotes from A.J. Preller.

Anthony Andro has an item on the players the Rangers added on minor league deals yesterday.

Randy Galloway has a new column out in which he gives the Rangers' offseason a "C," mocks Jon Daniels and Ray Davis, laments that Ron Washington is going to be scapegoated after this season, and runs through the team, position by position, leading him to claim that the Rangers have "no proven closer" without Joe Nathan, which is a "death blow."  I'm trying to figure out where he thinks Neftali Feliz and Joakim Soria went.