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This Day in LSB History -- Hicks selects Greenberg/Ryan group

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Four years ago today, Tom Hicks picked the Greenberg/Ryan group as the group he would sell the Rangers to

Jim McIsaac

Four years ago today, word came out that Tom Hicks, who was being forced to sell the Texas Rangers, had selected the Greenberg/Ryan group as the group that he would sell the team to.

And of course, the sell went quickly, simply and easily, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Ha!  No, not really.  Creditors balked, the Rangers went into bankruptcy court, Mark Cuban teamed up with Jim Crane to forge an ownership partnership that would have been MLB's worst nightmare and tried to out-bid the Greenberg/Ryan group, and it was 8 months before the team actually was sold.

And then, a few months after that, Chuck Greenberg was forced out, and then in October, it was announced than Nolan Ryan was leaving and was selling his ownership interest in the team.