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LSB Meetup at Minute Maid -- What Day?

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I'm looking at doing another LSB meetup and Minute Maid, and reserving Coke Corner. I'd like feedback about what day of the week is best.

This was right after allowing that stupid Merwin Gonzalez single
This was right after allowing that stupid Merwin Gonzalez single
Bob Levey

I'm thinking about doing another LSB meetup event at Minute Maid Park this year.  The one we did last year was a lot of fun, and the setup at Coke Corner allows folks to circulate, visit, etc. in a way that you can't really do in the regular seats, so I'd like to try to do that again.

There are three Ranger/Astro series in Houston this year -- one mid-week series in May, and two weekend series in August.  Since Coke Corner isn't available on weekends, I'm looking at the mid-week series in May.

The games are Monday, May 12, Tuesday, May 13, and Wednesday, May 14.  There aren't times yet, but my guess is the Monday and Tuesday games will almost certainly be night games, with the Wednesday game maybe being a day game.

Given all that, I'm trying to figure out what day would work best for folks, and whether a day game or a night game would be preferable.  I'm leaning towards doing Monday night, but if y'all think doing Wednesday afternoon is preferable (assuming that's a day game), let me know.

Last year, tickets were $40 apiece (and I'm not making money off of this at those prices).  If you'd be interested in doing this again, please say so in the comments, and let me know if you have a preference on day.