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Shin-Soo Choo rumors: Texas Rangers should sign Choo, says Bowden

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Jim Bowden says the Texas Rangers signing Shin-Soo Choo is one of ten moves that still need to happen this offseason

Jim Bowden
Jim Bowden
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Shin-Soo Choo rumors:  The Texas Rangers should sign Shin-Soo Choo to a deal that could be as high as 6 years, $120 million, according to Jim Bowden in his latest column.

Bowden's column is on ten moves he thinks that need to happen this offseason, saying that the market continues to shift upwards, and could end up resulting in a 6 year, $120 million contract for Choo.

Bowden thinks Choo is a perfect fit for the Rangers as the team's leadoff hitter, and he's correct there...however, I still don't know that the Rangers are going to do a 6/$120M deal for Choo.  I suspect they've got 5 years, $90 million on the table, with a vesting sixth year option at around $18-20 million.  And the question is whether someone -- most likely Seattle -- is going to top that offer.

Logically, it seems like the Rangers are going to either sign Choo or Nelson Cruz, with the other player ending up in Seattle -- Bowden has Cruz to the M's as one of his other moves -- though things that seem too obvious and logical rarely seem to actually happen.  But then, that's what I said about Joe Nathan signing with the Tigers, and look what happened there.

Bowden also says the Angels need to sign Matt Garza, which I've been predicting since the Rangers traded for him, and which would be amusing to see actually happen.