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Thursday Morning Links

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Thursday Morning Links and Stuff

Ronald Martinez

Nelson Cruz continues to wait to see if he'll end up with Suitor Number One or the Seattle Mariners.

Jeff Wilson breaks radio silence to note that there is absolutely nothing going on, no pending free agent signings, and no likely additions prior to Spring Training.

Todd Wills pulls on his T.R. Sullivan raiment (which includes a Mailbag of Holding and an enchanted cloak of protection +2) and pens a notes column over at, telling us that Jon Daniels has mixed feelings about the new posting system for Japanese professional players, is waiting on the right deal to come along and that Matt Harrison is playing catch from 150 feet and is probably in the best shape of his life.

The DMN has a report that the Rangers are no longer focusing on Shin-Soo Choo as they turn their attention to Masahiro Tanaka.

Evan Grant reports that Matt Harrison will begin throwing from a mound next week. Grant also recorded a video interview with Matt Harrison where he discusses his long road back from surgery.

Juan Gonzalez will be auctioning off his A.L. MVP award, which may just end up with the Lima dress in AJM's collection of baseball oddities.

Tanner Scheppers is preparing himself to start, but wants the closer role in 2014.

Ron Washington will not know what the regular Ranger lineup will look like until he offers up Jim Adduci in sacrifice and reads the portents in his entrails. Also, Jim Adduci may be the poor man's Craig Gentry.

Richard Durrett quotes Jon Daniels saying that nothing much has changed since last week.

Finally, new studies reveal that our ancestors were not particularly discriminating.