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Blue Jays sign Dioner Navarro, Mariners sign Willie Bloomquist

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Toronto signed a catcher the Rangers were supposedly interested in, and the M's signed a utility player who isn't very good

Dioner Navarro tagging out Willie Bloomquist
Dioner Navarro tagging out Willie Bloomquist
Christian Petersen

The Toronto Blue Jays have signed free agent catcher Dioner Navarro, and the Seattle Mariners have signed free agent utility player Willie Bloomquist.

Both moves are worth mentioning at least in passing, so I figured I'd combine them into one post here.

Navarro is a catcher coming off a career season who got a 2 year, $8 million deal.  The Rangers were thought to have some interest in him, but at something like the 1 year, $3.05 million that they signed Geovany Soto for.  They weren't going to give Navarro the sort of deal he got from Toronto.

By signing Navarro, the Jays are apparently reading to cut ties with J.P. Arencibia, who put up an incredibly awful .194/.227/.365 line last year in 497 plate appearances, with a 148/18 K/BB ratio.  Arencibia had an OPS of 716 from 2011-12, so there's bounceback potential there, and he has a reputation for being a very good defensive catcher and pitch-framer, so he is someone the Rangers could pursue as a backup if the Jays non-tender him.

Texas could conceivably trade for him prior to him being non-tendered, but Matt Swartz projects that Arencibia will get $2.8 million in arbitration, and I would be surprised if they were willing to pay that much for Arencibia to back up Soto.

Willie Bloomquist, meanwhile, goes back to the organization that originally drafted him on a two year deal reportedly worth $5-6 million.  Bloomquist is coming off his two best seasons with the bat -- a 91 wRC+ and a 101 wRC+, compared to a career 79 wRC+ -- but he is also 36 years old and plays a variety of positions not very well.  This seems like a strange move for a non-contending club to make.