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Rangers tendering contracts to all five arbitration-eligible players

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The Rangers will tender contracts to all five of their players who are arbitration-eligible


The Texas Rangers are tendering contracts to all five of their arbitration-eligible players in advance of tonight's 10:59 CST deadline.

The Ranger players eligible for arbitration are Neal Cotts, Alexi Ogando, Neftali Feliz, Craig Gentry, and Mitch Moreland.

MLB Trade Rumors projects the following salaries for the five:

Feliz -- $3 million

Moreland -- $2.7 million

Ogando -- $2 million

Cotts -- $1.5 million

Gentry -- $1.1 million

It is anticipated that the Rangers will settle all of these cases without actually going to an arbitration hearing.  The last case the Rangers had that actually went to arbitration was Lee Stevens in 2000.