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Andrew Bailey non-tendered by Boston

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Andrew Bailey, long a player of interest to Jon Daniels, has been non-tendered by the Boston Red Sox


Andrew Bailey has been non-tendered by the Boston Red Sox, making him a free agent.

This is noteworthy for Rangers fans because Jon Daniels has pursued Bailey for some time.  There were rumblings that Daniels was talking to the Oakland A's about a possible Gio Gonzalez/Andrew Bailey package in the summer of 2011, before he acquired Mike Adams and Koji Uehara, and Texas was supposedly in on Bailey in the 2011-12 offseason before he was sent from Oakland to Boston in the deal that sent Josh Reddick to Oakland.

Boston didn't get the Bailey they were hoping for, as he was awful in 2012 and mediocre in 2013, missing significant time both years because of injury.  Bailey is expected to be out for at least half of the 2014 season after undergoing shoulder surgery last summer.

Given the team's past interest in Bailey, I wouldn't be surprised if the Rangers pursued him now that he is a free agent, possibly seeking to do something similar to the contract the team did with Joakim Soria last offseason, where they went two guaranteed years plus an option.

Or its possible the injuries have quelled the Rangers' interest in Bailey.  Were I to bet, though, I'd say they will be sniffing around on him.