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Oakland gets Jim Johnson from Baltimore for Jemile Weeks

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Oakland has reportedly acquired closer Jim Johnson from the Orioles for second baseman Jemile Weeks


The Oakland A's have acquired closer Jim Johnson from the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for second baseman Jemile Weeks, according to Ken Rosenthal.

Johnson, a free agent after the season, is expected to make approximately $10 million in 2014.  He has 101 saves over the past two seasons, with a 2.72 ERA during that time.

Jemile Weeks was a first round pick of the A's in 2008, selected one pick after the Rangers took Justin Smoak.  He had a nice half-season in 2011, but was awful in 2012, and got 9 major league plate appearances in 2013.  Here is the most memorable moment of his major league career:



This is a goET gif, so you can thank him for this.