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Keith Law thinks Jurickson Profar will be a superstar

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In his most recent chat, Keith Law said he still thinks Jurickson Profar will be a superstar

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Law did a chat session earlier this week, and while the whole thing is worth reading, this part jumps out at me:

Seth (Dallas)

Profar's value diminish with the move to 2B? Still a potential superstar type? Pedroia, Utley type value?

(2:20 PM)

Different shape to the production, but star defender who hits for average, adds value on bases, maybe ends up in the 20-HR range. I still think he's a superstar.

Law is more bullish on Profar than I am -- he seems to me to be someone who will be closer to above-average regular than superstar -- but it is nevertheless very nice to see this sort of love for a guy who the Rangers are planning on being a major part of their team for at least the next six years.