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Shin-Soo Choo to Texas: National reactions

A roundup of national reactions to the news the Rangers have agreed on a 7 year, $130M deal with Shin-Soo Choo


The Texas Rangers have agreed with Shin-Soo Choo on a 7 year, $130 million deal.  That's a pretty big deal, and even though it is a Saturday and a holiday weekend, there are still some national reactions out there to check out.

Keith Law's take is about what you'd expect...Choo makes the Rangers better now, he's really good, and he fits a need, but the backside of the deal could look ugly.  Law also says this:

It wouldn't surprise me to see him put up 6 WAR if he gets 150 games next season -- or in 2015 -- with the boost in his defense from moving to right field.

If the Rangers get 12 wins from Choo over the next two years, I'm not going to care too much what he does the rest of the way.

Ken Rosenthal has a column on the Rangers' addition of Choo, Choo's desire to play for Texas, and how the Rangers are now in a position of strength in the A.L. West.

R.J. Anderson and Mauricio Rubio offer their analysis of the deal in the Transaction Analysis at Baseball Prospectus.

Jerry Crasnick has a story at ESPN that focuses on why Choo ended up in Texas, mentioning in particular his desire to play for manager Ron Washington.

And over at FanGraphs, Paul Swyden has a writeup that is largely positive (although FanGraphs contributors Dave Cameron and Dan Szymborski have been not as positive about it on Twitter).