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This Day in LSB History -- Josh Hamilton trade

Six years ago, the Rangers traded Edinson Volquez and Danny Ray Herrera for Josh Hamilton

Layne Murdoch

I was going to do this yesterday, but with the Shin-Soo Choo trade coming down, I figured I'd save it until today...

But six years ago yesterday, the Rangers traded Edinson Volquez and Danny Ray Herrera for Josh Hamilton.

And, as with the Shin-Soo Choo deal, I was traveling when it happened.  That's always how it works.

There were multiple stories, of course:

"Volquez Dealt for Josh Hamilton"

"A Couple of Quick Things on Hamilton"

"Some of my thoughts on the deal"

And the morning links from the next morning can be found here.

While the Mark Teixeira trade is probably the best trade of Jon Daniels' tenure as Ranger g.m., the Josh Hamilton deal is probably the one that defined an era for the Rangers.

Hamilton was brought here in a controversial deal to be an impact middle-of-the-order hitter for the Rangers, and the deal worked out better than the Rangers could have possibly hoped.  His five years here were up and down -- he was awful in 2009, and then by the end of 2010 had people talking about him as possibly the best hitter in the game -- but during the Rangers World Series runs, he was the guy who was most identified with the team, and if he wasn't the best player on the team, was at least one of the best.