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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

모든 번역 한국어 야구 뉴스의 번호를 하나의 소스

A Whole Lotta OBP In Every Pouch!
A Whole Lotta OBP In Every Pouch!
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Remember when fans at The Ballpark booed the 2012 Texas Rangers during the inaugural Wild Card Play-In game? Since we weren't good little boys and girls, Jon Daniels left lumps of Lance Berkman in our offseason stocking. Clearly JD's been imbued with the holiday spirit because this year he's hung two of the best hitters available from the chimney with care.

The only problem now is we've got months to go before we get to open our presents.

Here's a video of C.J. Nitkowski talking about the AL West landscape now that the Rangers have signed Shin-Soo Choo:

But if talk about Choo isn't your thing, here's a video of Choo hitting a walk-off dong against Craig Kimbrel instead:

Because everybody loves dingers.

Jonathan Bernhardt of Sports on Earth writes that the Rangers won by signing Choo simply because Scott Boras and the New York Yankees lost.

With the Whos in Whoville keeping Galloway in his cave this close to Christmas, Scrooge protégé Mac Engel steps in to write that Choo to the Rangers only works if he brings Texas a World Series title and as long as Ray Davis doesn't become Tom Hicks.

Jeff Passan has a piece on the insane dollars being thrown around baseball this winter -- namely from teams in the AL West and AL East.

For example, the $130 million that the Rangers have earmarked for Choo is uncomfortably close to twice as much as the entire collection of NL Central teams have spent ($77.95 million) this winter.

Nevertheless, it's good to be rich.

Charlie Wilmoth of MLB Trade Rumors examines the Rangers' offseason thus far and notes that the team has tackled most of their winter roster issues even before putting out milk and cookies for Santa.

Gerry Fraley blogs about Neftali Feliz finishing up his Dominican winter League stint. Feliz's next stop: Surprise, AZ for the spring training closer competition beginning in February.

Finally, Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times reports that the Dodgers have signed Chris Perez to be their 6th inning closer. I have to say, I'm going to miss you Ryin. Good luck in LA, bud.