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Christmas Eve Texas Rangers Update

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Don't forget to leave out a plate of nachos for Santa
Don't forget to leave out a plate of nachos for Santa
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Happy Christmas Eve, Lone Star Ballers. I don't know about you but I'm still exhausted from yesterday's Festivus Feats of Strength.

Richard Durrett writes about how, after a decade of worrying that speaking the words "Scott Boras" would summon a boogeyman to Arlington, the Rangers haven't shied away from acquiring Boras clients the last few years.

Speaking of, Jonah Keri writes that Boras client Shin-Soo Choo gives the Rangers' chances a big boost in 2014 and that copious TV money gives them an anti-anxiety salve for concerns best left for 2020.

However, in an ESPN Insider piece, Dan Szymborski writes that the Rangers will regret the Choo deal -- possibly much sooner rather than later -- and likens it to Richard Pryor's Monty in 'Brewster's Millions' spending $1.25 million to mail an Inverted Jenny.

Dave Cameron over at Fangraphs agrees but mostly because the Yankees spent their money better or something.

Fangraphs' Jeff Sullivan writes that what Choo does great outweighs what he doesn't do well simply because he will accumulate a large majority of his at-bats against right-handers.

In an ESPN Insider piece, Buster Olney tries to pinpoint the moment when the AL West arms race began and how that's shifted a megaton of money/talent to the American League over the last handful of years.

Todd Wills writes about Derek Holland following in the footsteps of former teammates in reaching out to the community this holiday season.

Drew Davison has a blog post up about the Rangers acquiring OF Alex Castellanos on a waiver claim from the Red Sox to provide IF/OF depth.

Gerry Fraley continues his bizarre fascination with newly minted Dominican Republic winter league top pitcher --and former Ranger farmhand -- Carlos Pimentel.

Lastly, here's my favorite Christmas Eve song:

It's a wassailing favorite.