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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

Saturday morning Rangers news and links

Rick Yeatts

Guess Choo is the #1 topic in the morning links today?

Drew Davison has the Choo story in the S-T, with the headline referencing Choo as the "perfect fit" for the Ranger offense.

Anthony Andro's story for Fox Sports Southwest also includes the "perfect fit" quote, though apparently Jon Daniels didn't say at the press conference, "You'll like the way Choo looks...I guarantee it!" Guess Men's Wearhouse didn't come up with the sponsorship dollars for that.

The buzzword in T.R. Sullivan's headline (or sub-header, anyway) is "versatility," which is one of the things Ron Washington praised about Choo at yesterday's press conference.

Richard Durrett has a story on Choo'sDay, with quotes from Bob Simpson about payroll and Jon Daniels about how they are wishing Nelson Cruz good luck on his future endeavors.

Evan Grant offers his reactions to the deal in a blog post at the DMN website, though unfortunately, he doesn't go with "The Rangers Choo- Choo- Choose Choo!" headline I was hoping for.

Grant also has a piece that looks at how Choo's deal fits into the overall Ranger blueprint, with five expensive players representing a core group that will be supplemented with players such as Jurickson Profar, Michael Choice, Engel Beltre, and Jorge Alfaro. He also references the possibility of Rougned Odor being an option if Elvis Andrus "goes backwards" next year, even though suggesting that Elvis Andrus might regress is a sin so horrific my fingers don't even want to type those words.

Durrett has a blog post about the Rangers' expectation that Cruz will be playing somewhere else in 2014, with Jon Daniels talking about how they like Cruz, but don't necessarily "like" like him right now. So Nelson Cruz has been friend zoned, it sounds like.

Durrett also has a story focusing on Simpson, talking about the expenditures the Rangers have made and providing quotes from Simpson about where things stand, in terms of ownership's willingness to make financial commitments. Ray Davis, who Randy Galloway claims "wants more, much more, face time," was nowhere to be seen yesterday. Which was too bad...I was mainly watching the press conference in the hopes that Galloway would ask Davis another Jackie Moore question, and see if Davis's death stare actually turned Galloway to stone this time.

And finally, Sullivan's notes talk about Cruz, Tanaka, Chris McGuiness being DFA'd, and Boras representing the upper 4/9ths of the Ranger lineup.