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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

Sunday a.m. Rangers news and links

Rick Yeatts

Want Rangers news?  Sorry, you came to the wrong place.  Looks like there's basically nothing out there this morning.

Leonys Martin is done with winter ball, and is now preparing for spring training.

Evan Grant offers a capsule look at Michael Choice.

Buster Olney ranked the top 10 defenses, and the Ranger defense was 5th, the only A.L. West team to rank.

Mark Simon offers a quick overview of each of the A.L. team's defenses.

And that's it.  Enjoy your Sunday.

UPDATE -- Somehow I missed the one real Rangers story out there today, where Evan Grant takes a look at Shin-Soo Choo and talks about how his on-base skills made him someone the Rangers were willing to give a historically large contract to.