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Craig Gentry/Michael Choice trade reactions

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Reactions to the Craig Gentry/Michael Choice trade from around the interwebs


The Craig Gentry/Michael Choice trade between the Texas Rangers and the Oakland A's was one of many significant moves that happened yesterday, in what was one of the most eventful offseason days in my memory.

And there are reactions to the deal from various folks around the internet (remember, folks...the internet is not a truck.  Its a series of tubes).

Over at BP, Ben Lindbergh and Nick Faleris take a look at the deal and say it is one that both sides can win, with Gentry being a better fit for the A's than Choice would be, and Choice providing the corner bat the Rangers preferred to going with a center fielder in left.

At ESPN, Keith Law sees value for both sides of the deal, but prefers the Rangers' side of the trade to what Oakland got.

At FanGraphs, Dave Cameron focuses mainly on what Gentry brings to the A's, and how Gentry is undervalued, but also says there is no clear winner or loser here, as each team made a reasonable deal for their respective situations.

According to the poll over at Athletics Nation, 51% of people responding are negative on the deal, with just 32% positive.

David Schoenfield calls this deal a "worthwhile gamble" by Texas, though seems down on Choice somewhat because his power hasn't materialized, and loves Craig Gentry as the perfect fourth outfielder.