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Rumors: Robinson Cano to Texas odds already changed

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Bovada had the Rangers at +200 to sign Robinson Cano, the best odds of any team other than Seattle, but have now revised the odds

Ronald Martinez

Rumors of Robinson Cano to the Texas Rangers apparently carry weight with the folks at Bovada, as they have put the betting line for Cano going to Texas at +200 -- that's the equivalent of 2:1 odds.

Seattle is currently the favorite, at even money, while the Detroit Tigers are at +300 and the New York Yankees are at +500.

Personally, if I were a betting man, I'd put money on the Yankees...Cano supposedly wants to stay there, and they can afford to beat anyone else's offer, if they so choose.  I can't see the Rangers being seriously in the mix for Cano at the type of dollars it would take to lure him away from the Yankees, and I find it hard to believe Cano is going to go to Seattle instead of New York if the dollars are anywhere near close.

And as for Detroit, well, they just traded for a new second baseman.

So my guess is that Cano ends up re-upping with the Yankees, sometime in late January of next year.

UPDATE -- Well, Bovada figured out what the rest of us already knew...those odds didn't make sense.  Seattle is now +125, New York is +200, and Texas and Detroit are each +300.