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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

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Thursday morning Rangers news and links

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Well, apparently Ben "doesn't have internet" right now, and didn't do the morning links post, and I just found that out, so I'm slapping something together now.  Thanks for your patience.

Jon Daniels spoke with the media yesterday in advance of the Winter Meetings, and continued to find new and creative ways to talk for a while without saying anything that would reveal his intentions.

Anthony Andro writes about Daniels being dismissive about the idea of the team going after Robinson Cano, who would likely require a $200 million commitment to come to Texas.

T.R. Sullivan's article suggests that Daniels is at the Men's Wearhouse, because he's looking for the "right fit."  Sullivan also talks about the moves Daniels has made so far, and the possible options on the market.

Richard Durrett writes that Daniels didn't give many hints about what the Rangers are doing, but are in a situation now where they have a lot of options available to them.

Evan Grant writes that the new posting system that MLB and the NPB are talking about could make Masahiro Tanaka a free agent bargain, although that would presume that he takes the same salary that Yu Darvish received, which seems very unlikely.

Grant also thinks the Rangers have already signed the free agent bargain of the year, given the prices other players are going for, by locking up Geovany Soto for the 2014 season at $3.05 million.

Richard Durrett writes that Michael Choice is excited to be back home in Arlington.

Sullivan has some notes on the backup catcher search, Michael Choice, Cano, the Rangers' interest in David Price, and the battle for the fifth starter spot.

Finally, Randy Galloway is concerned no one is being the turd in the Rangers' punchbowl this offseason, so he steps up with a column that congratulates Jonny Donuts on being "actually awake" this offseason (because Galloway's position has been that JD sat around with his thumb up his ass last offseason), then complains that the two trades that have been made by the Rangers "are a contradiction" because one is about winning now while the other is about winning next season, assures us this team is full of holes and Donuts better get on the ball and wheel and deal some more, and assures us Michael Choice is a "long shot" to be ready for the majors next year.