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Leonys Martin kidnapping case: charges brought against three

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Charges have been brought against three people for allegedly kidnapping Leonys Martin and his family


A Leonys Martin kidnapping case?  Texas Rangers outfielder Leonys Martin defected from Cuba in 2010, went to Mexico, then signed a contract with the Rangers in 2011.  Everything seemed normal.

But according to the Miami Herald, three individuals have been charged with "conspiring to smuggle, kidnap and extort" Martin, in connection with his defection.

Martin was sued by a company these individuals are associated with, claiming that he made an agreement for it to be his "management agency," and agreed to pay the agency up to 30% of his salary.  Martin, per the Herald, counter-claimed, alleging that he and his family were held hostage in Mexico after defecting until he signed a contract and could pay his alleged kidnappers ransom.

This is a pretty bizarre story, that I expect will have more developments in the coming days...