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C.J. Wilson's article on the 2014 McLaren P1

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C.J. Wilson writes a piece for Yahoo! Auto about driving the 2014 McLaren P1

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Stephen Dunn

C.J. Wilson and the 2014 McLaren P1: it seems that the former Ranger pitcher and the new supercar are made for each other, based on this piece by the Angel lefty on Yahoo! Auto, in which he writes about the new P1 and his experience test-driving it.

Tepid Participation was tweeting about this yesterday, and has he notes, it is a very C.J. article.  In the first paragraph:

Getting a chance to drive one is a big deal; McLaren has let only a few select people in the world behind the wheel. So when Chris, my sales person from Park Place McLaren, asked about my interest in driving the McLaren P1 — on Top Gear’s famed Dunsfold test track, no less — I had to laugh; I thought he was kidding.

Its an interesting read, but it will also probably reinforce whatever feelings you already have about C.J. -- whether positive or negative.