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Friday Morning Links

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Snowmageddon Morning Links: the Icepacolypse

Al Bello

Looking to fill the "elderly relief pitcher who is theoretically wily and seasoned but should never actually pitch meaningful innings" hole in the depth chart vacant since Eddie Guardado and Darren Oliver were claimed off waivers by Father Time, the Rangers have signed Jose Contreras to a minor league deal with a Spring Training invite. The Rangers also added two other unnamed goldshirts to the away team so that we'll know who will die horribly in a senseless transporter accident.

Jay Weaver of The Miami Herald had a story about Leonys Martin's harrowing escape from Cuba and equally harrowing representation by a baseball talent agency that apparently negotiates through implicit threats of violence but also isn't afraid to get the U.S. courts involved. Richard Durrett also looks at the case, noting that the principals face charges of smuggling and extortion... two services reputable sports agents don't routinely consider part of their comprehensive representation package.

The Rangers are bringing back their TV and radio broadcast teams, though Tom Grieve will have around 25 games off during the summer.

Evan Grant says that the proposed changes the NPB posting rules could open a path for the Rangers to acquire Masahiro Tanaka and deal surplus pitching for bats, although Jerry Crasnick quotes the president of Tanaka's club as saying they might decide not to post him under the new rules.

Finally, R.U. Sirius takes a look at the Singularity and wonders whether there is a place for a rapping Joaquin Phoenix in a transcendent humanity.