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Robinson Cano Rumors: Seattle Mariners, Cano agree: 10 years, $240 million

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The Mariners and Robinson Cano have reportedly agreed on a ten year, $240 million deal

Wait, I'm going to Seattle?  Man...
Wait, I'm going to Seattle? Man...
Mike Stobe

Robinson Cano to Seattle Mariners rumor: Robinson Cano is close to a deal with the Seattle Mariners, according to Jon Heyman:

Cano, the free agent second baseman who has spent his entire career with the New York Yankees, met with the M's last night, though reports indicated that meeting ended badly and a deal was looking unlikely.

According to Heyman, the deal will be for "at least" $225 million.  Seattle was apparently ready to go 9 years, $225 million last night, but Cano wanted $250-260 million, which resulted in negotiations breaking down.

There will, of course, be updates on this as it develops.

UPDATE -- Enrique Rojas writes that the M's and Cano have agreed on a 10 year, $240 million deal.