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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

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Saturday morning Rangers news and links

Ronald Martinez

Good morning everyone.  Have they canceled the Winter Meetings yet?

Jeff Wilson has a story about the Rangers agreeing to a one year deal with J.P. Arencibia to be the team's backup catcher in 2014.

Anthony Andro has a story, as well, about the Rangers bringing Arencibia into the fold.

Richard Durrett looks at the ripple effects that the Robinson Cano deal could have throughout the A.L. West.

T.R. Sullivan previews next weeks' Winter Meetings by looking at what positions the Rangers are still looking to fill, who they might be looking at, and what players they have available to shop.

Evan Grant writes that, after a crazy Friday around MLB, the Rangers are going to the Winter Meetings with the goal of adding a few finishing touches to their team.

Durrett has a blog post about the David Price trade market, wondering if the Rangers might get involved there.

Derek Holland made a hockey rink in his back yard.