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This Day in LSB History -- Four Years Ago Today, a flurry of trades

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Four years ago today, the Rangers traded Kevin Millwood to Baltimore, signed Rich Harden, and agreed to trade Max Ramirez for Mike Lowell (though that deal fell apart when Lowell failed his physical)

Jed Jacobsohn

Four years ago today, it was the Winter Meetings, and there was a whole flurry of activity involving the Rangers...

That activity included the Rangers trading Kevin Millwood to the Baltimore Orioles for Chris Ray and a Rule 5 pick that became Ben Snyder, agreeing to a deal with free agent pitcher Rich Harden, and agreeing to a trade with the Boston Red Sox that would have sent Max Ramirez to Boston for Mike Lowell.

Lowell ended up failing his physical and needing surgery, so that trade ended up not happening, and Ramirez ended up not ever panning out. Still, it was an exciting day for Rangers fans, and a busy day on LSB.

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