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This Day in LSB History -- The Michael Young trade

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One year ago today, Michael Young was traded to the Phillies

Jamie Squire

One year ago today, Michael Young was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies for righthanded pitchers Josh Lindblom and Lisalverto Bonilla.

Yep, its been a year.

On the field, this trade wasn't a big deal.  Young put up a .279/.335/.395 line while splitting the season between the Phillies and the Dodgers (who acquired him as a bench bat late in the year), with a bWAR of -1.2, an fWAR of -0.2, and a -1.7 WARP.  Josh Lindblom bounced between AAA and the majors as a swingman, and then was dealt to Oakland a few days ago as part of the deal to bring Michael Choice to Texas.  Lisalverto Bonilla was untouchable in AA, very touchable in AAA, but still good enough to be added to the Rangers' 40 man roster.  And the Rangers took the money they saved from dealing Young (roughly $5M) and ended up applying that to Lance Berkman, who was terrible.

But of course, from an off-the-field standpoint, a p.r. standpoint, this was huge.  Jon Daniels was supposedly given total control of baseball operations in November of 2012, and I do have to wonder if this deal happens if Nolan Ryan still had had veto power.

But this wasn't the only huge news from that day...we also had news break that day that Josh Brent had been arrested after a late night drunken car ride resulted in an accident in which Jerry Brown was killed.

And we also learned that night that Zack Greinke was going to the Dodgers.

Pretty eventful day, which you can read about here:

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