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LaRussa, Cox, Torre elected to the Hall of Fame

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The Veterans Committee has elected former managers Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa and Bobby Cox to the Baseball Hall of Fame

Jacob de Golish

Tony LaRussa, Bobby Cox, and Joe Torre have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veteran's Committee.

As detailed in the link above, all three have had a long and illustrious career, and I don't really have any quibble with any of the three being inducted -- they all seem deserving to me.

Those on the ballot who weren't elected include Billy Martin, Marvin Miller, George Steinbrenner, Dave Concepcion, Steve Garvey, Tommy John, Dave Parker, Dan Quisenberry and Ted Simmons.

Miller, I think, deserves to be in, no question, because of the changes he brought to the game.  I saw some writers on Twitter complaining about Steinbrenner not being voted in, but I don't understand what the case for Steinbrenner is.  Simmons is a borderline case for me, as is Tommy John, though I lean towards no on both of them.  None of the other players are Hall of Fame worthy to me.