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Monday Morning Rangers Update

News and Notes from the Sacaton, Arizona Rest Stop.

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Watch out! It's almost time for Engel
Watch out! It's almost time for Engel
Harry How

The Rangers' pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training tomorrow. I like to picture things like Hoggie Price taking a pit stop while in the equipment truck where he stops in for the FebruANY deal at Subway in one of those joint eatery/gas stations. Or Derek Holland getting sidetracked in Dragoon to visit the The Thing? roadside attraction. Or A.J. Pierzynski missing that left turn at Albuquerque.

Richard Durrett continues to examine issues the Rangers will face in Surprise this spring. Today Durrett ponders who among the litany of candidates will be the fifth starter to begin the season.

Jeff Wilson also writes about the fifth starter competition and notes that four of the likely contenders for the job--Kyle McClellan, Robbie Ross, Justin Grimm and Randy Wells--were in camp early yesterday getting set to battle it out for the prize of being Colby Lewis' seat warmer.

T.R. Sullivan writes about Alexi Ogando and Ross both working on their changeups as they try to make the transition back to being starters. Reminder to the Rangers: Yoshinori Tateyama already features a change.

Wilson has more on Ogando's first day in camp where Ogando discusses his repertoire as a starting pitcher and his decision not to compete in the World Baseball Classic.

Proof that it's all happening, Sullivan has written the first Notebook that I can remember in some time covering contract incentives for Matt Harrison ($250K each for Cy Young and MVP) and Lance Berkman ($150K for Comeback Player of the Year, $100K for Gold Glove [Ha.]), quotes from McClellan on his quest to return to the Majors, and an update on players who have already arrived at camp.

Lastly, Felix's elbow is theirs and we don't want him.