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Monday afternoon linkaliciousness

Some various baseball links for you to peruse

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Its linkaliciousness time...

Jonah Keri has a list of the 15 worst contracts in baseball. No Rangers make the list, although former Ranger prospects John Danks and Adrian Gonzalez are #11 and #14 on the list, respectively, and Michael Young and C.J. Wilson both earn "honorable mention" mentions.

Vernon Wells is #5, and Keri points out something I didn't know:

There's still the matter of a $100,000 bonus if he gets the most All-Star Game votes in the league.

So I think we all need to make sure we vote Vernon Wells to the All Star Game, in order to make Arte Moreno have to pay that bonus.

Will Leitch has a column on why everyone hates Darren Rovell. It is worth reading, whether you hate Rovell or whether you just don't know who he is (as Leitch points out, no one actually likes Rovell).

Dave Cameron looks at the 10 worst moves of the offseason, and fully half of them were made by either the Royals or the D-Backs (and he doesn't even include the Upton trade in the list). has a list of OMGs ("One More Guys") of A.L. West prospects who didn't make the top 20 list, but are worth mentioning, with Hanser Alberto being the Ranger rep.

Bill Baer thinks the Rangers have the second best infield in MLB. Clearly, he doesn't know about Ian Kinsler's popups and how much the team will miss the Leadership of Michael Young.

Jon Bois has a piece on the most ridiculous Costacos Brothers sports posters. I think my favorite is Wade Boggs, although the Astros' one with Harnisch, Drabek and Swindell is strong as well.