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Heyman: Michael Bourn agrees to deal with Indians

Per Jon Heyman, Michael Bourn has agreed to a deal with the Cleveland Indians with $48 million guaranteed over 4 years, plus a fifth year vesting option

Michael Bourn, Cleveland Indian
Michael Bourn, Cleveland Indian
Bob Levey

Per Jon Heyman, Michael Bourn has agreed to a 4 year, $48 million deal with the Cleveland Indians, which includes a vesting option that could make the deal worth $60 million over five years.

This is significantly less than what B.J. Upton got from the Atlanta Braves -- 5 years, $75 million -- and the Upton deal was thought to be the benchmark Bourn was seeking to at least match. However, with Bourn's market not materializing, and spring training about to kick off, Bourn took a deal that is still fairly hefty for a speed-and-defense player entering his early 30s.

The Rangers were a team that, for some time, had reportedly had a certain level of interest in Bourn, and the thinking was that, if his price dropped enough, they might be in on him. 4 years, $48 million is a price where I would have thought the Rangers would have had some interest, but apparently not.

It will be interesting to see what the Indians do with Drew Stubbs, acquired earlier in the offseason from the Cincinnati Reds. Stubbs, like Bourn, derives a lot of his value from his plus defense in centerfield.

Okay, let's do a 4/$48M with what we assume is a vesting option based on plate appearances over the final two seasons that would have made this a 5/$60M deal, would you have wanted the Rangers to do that for Bourn (and part with their first round pick)? Cast your vote...