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Vegas MLB Wins Over/Under Lines: Texas at 87

The Atlantis has released their over/under figures for the 2013 MLB season

Jeff Bottari

The first over/under lines for the 2013 MLB season are out, and the Atlantis, anyway, is pretty bullish on the Rangers.

The Rangers' over/under is set at 87 wins for 2013. To put this in perspective, that's the 6th highest over/under total for any of the 30 teams.

Those ahead of Texas in the A.L. are the Tigers (90) and the Angels (89.5). The Reds (88.5), the Nationals (90), and the Dodgers (90) have higher figures in the N.L.

The Blue Jays and Yankees are right behind Texas, with both teams being set at 86.5. The A's are at 83, the Mariners are 76.5, and the Astros are at 59.5.

Its early, of course, and lines will move, but at this juncture, it appears that Vegas thinks the Rangers have a pretty solid club, despite what has been a pretty disappointing offseason. At this point, 87 wins seems reasonable, although I'd take the over if I had to bet right now.