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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

Saturday morning Rangers news and links

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Richard Durrett has a story about the Rangers' loss of the leadership of Michael Young, and it leads off thusly:

It's days like today, when the club meets as a whole for the first time, that not having Michael Young around is very noticeable.

He was the one that the media would go to in order to get a gauge on how the club was feeling and to see what words of wisdom he might have shared as the club gets ready for the upcoming season.

Which doesn't do much to quell the notion that leadership means "talking to the media."

Richard Justice has a column at about Michael Young's departure and the perceived leadership void.

Jon Daniels talked about Jurickson Profar yesterday, saying that Profar could make the team if he was going to have a "meaningful role," but not committing to what that means. Given the makeup of the team, I can't imagine Profar would have a meaningful role unless someone gets hurt.

Anthony Andro has a story about Nelson Cruz, who talked to the media yesterday about the Biogenesis situation, although Cruz basically said he couldn't talk about it because the investigation is ongoing.

Jeff Wilson also has a story on Cruz and Biogenesis, saying Cruz says he wants to tell his side of the story, but that he has to wait.

T.R. Sullivan has a story on Cruz and Biogenesis, as well.

Evan Grant has a story about Cruz and his inability to talk about the Biogenesis situation while the investigation is ongoing.

Durrett has a story on A.J. Pierzynski, who says he likes to start a lot of games at catcher because he thinks it helps continuity between himself and the staff.

Jurickson Profar still hasn't decided if he's going to play in the WBC, but he has to decide one way or the other by Wednesday, when rosters have to be submitted.

Lance Berkman forgot to bring his glove to spring training.

The DMN Rangers blog has a collection of links about Friday's goings-on.

The S-T's notes talk about Profar and the WBC and Lance Berkman not having a glove.

Sullivan's notes talk about the Rangers discussing a contract extension with David Murphy, Profar and the WBC, Berkman's glove, and Joe Nathan's spring preparation.