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Jurickson Profar out of WBC

Jurickson Profar will not play in the World Baseball Classic

Jurickson in camp
Jurickson in camp

After various mixed messages and much "will he or won't he" speculation, Jurickson Profar has opted not to play for the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic, per folks on Twitter quoting Jon Daniels.

Profar was facing pressure from his fellow countrymen to play in the WBC, despite the fact that it had apparently been conveyed to him that playing in the WBC would reduce his chances of making the Rangers' Opening Day roster. However, given the current makeup of the team, Profar's chances of making the roster appear to be nil barring an injury, so playing in the WBC shouldn't have been that big of a deal.

In any case, this is a decision that will probably result in more criticism of MLB clubs for pressuring their players into not playing.

Adrian Beltre, meanwhile, will not play in at least the first round of the WBC because of a "tweaked" calf.