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This Day in LSB History -- Tom Hicks Caught in a Lie

Three years ago today, we talked about two quotes -- one from Nolan Ryan, one from Tom Hicks -- that indicated that someone was lying about Matt Purke

Matt Purke
Matt Purke

Three years ago today, we had a story that was basically a pair of quotes -- one from Nolan Ryan, one from Tom Hicks.

The Hicks quote was him saying that MLB did not put a spending limit in place that kept the Rangers from signing Matt Purke -- that the decision was made because the Rangers' front office didn't want to pay Purke $6 million.

The Ryan quote was one that came out a few months after the Hicks quote, with Ryan saying that the Rangers had agreed to meet Purke's $6 million asking price, but then MLB yanked the rug out from under them when the team's finances essentially were taken over by MLB.