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Rangers Place Four in Baseball America Top 100

Jurickson Profar, Mike Olt, Martin Perez and Leonys Martin crack Baseball America's top 100 list


Baseball America has released their top 100 list, and the Rangers have placed four players in the top 100.

Jurickson Profar is #1 on the BA list, Mike Olt is #22, Martin Perez is #81, and Leonys Martin is #97.

These are all repeaters from last year, when Profar was #7, Perez was #31, Olt was #43, and Leonys Martin was #79.

Profar and Olt have jumped up, obviously, and Leonys and Perez have fallen, with Martin Perez falling pretty precipitously after an iffy year split between AAA and the majors, with command issues and trouble missing bats.

There's a decent chance all four of these players will be ineligible for the BA top 100 next season, so we could be in a situation where, after all of the 2013 Rangers in the top 100 being repeaters, we see the 2014 Rangers in the BA top 100 list all be newcomers to the list.