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Jon Daniels Chats

Jon Daniels did a chat session today at the DMN website

Cooper Neill

Jon Daniels did a chat session today over at the DMN website, and there's lots of good stuff for you to check out...

One of the question and answer sequences jumped out at me because it addresses one of my particular hobby-horses -- how the way players treat the media impacts the way they are covered:

  • In a recent radio discussion, Mr. Grant said that Ian Kinsler was terrible across the board in 2012, and Mr. Fraley said he's the most self-absorbed player he's dealt with. Do you agree or disagree with those characterizations.
    by Joe C. Whales

  • I don't agree (if I did, I would have ignored the question entirely). Ian had a down year by his standards last year, and he's the first to say he needs to and should be better this winter. I think part of the reason writers say things about Ian, like the examples you referenced, is that he isn't as "media-friendly" as other guys are. He's a competitive guy, with a personality some could consider abrasive, and he isn't the type to hide that. He is who he is. And for a long time, that's been a pretty valuable member of our team. I'm looking forward to seeing him this year - think he's going to have a big year for us. His competitiveness is a big plus for the club.
    by Jon Daniels