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Sunday a.m. Rangers stuff

Sunday morning Rangers news and links

Konrad Schmidt is unimpressed with your facial hair
Konrad Schmidt is unimpressed with your facial hair

The Rangers have yet to win a game this spring. Panic, everyone! Panic!

Evan Grant has a write-up on yesterday's 4-2 Ranger loss.

Jeff Wilson has a story about the collection of arms who are battling for the open jobs in the bullpen.

Grant writes that Michael Kirkman, who has teased the Rangers with his potential for years, may finally be poised to break out.

Kyle McClellan is behind the other pitchers in camp, and is still a week or so away from facing batters.

Nolan Ryan says his focus this spring is on the Rangers' pitching.

Randy Galloway has a column in which he says that, while he thinks the Rangers' offseason was terrible, the front office is confident about this team, and the front office has done enough the past several years to have earned our trust. He also complains that the team was stupid for raising ticket prices.

T.R. Sullivan has an article on Mitch Moreland, who he says is healthy and poised for a bounceback season.

The S-T's notes talk about veterans who are taking it slow early in camp, Jurickson Profar needing at bats to make the team, and Tanner Scheppers' slow start to spring.

Durrett's notes talk about Joe Nathan and the Rangers getting fitted for uniforms.

The Rangers' website notes hits on Lance Berkman and Adrian Beltre, who say they aren't worried about the minor issues slowing them down early in camp.