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Wednesday Morning Links

Ranger fans feel the steady hand of leadershippings as Michael Young advises against booing Josh Hamilton.


Hey, guys, the Cactus League is Cac-tastic! Man, I should work for Stirling Cooper Draper Price.

Anthony Andro says that there are a panoply of arms competing for the 5 bullpen slots, and that some of them have even been good at some point.

Yu Darvish pitched two perfect innings yesterday, and the rest of it was pretty forgettable.

A.J. Pierzynski played against the White Sox for the first time yesterday but says that it was no big deal, Berkman is expected to make his spring training debut tomorrow, and Colby Lewis is hoping to throw his first bullpen session on Friday..

The FWST also has some parenting tips from various Rangers, my favorite of which is from Ian Kinsler, who says to marry someone who's a good mother and let her do the parenting. Additionally, there's video of Washington talking to the press about Lance Berkman and acknowledging, after some hectoring, that Mike Olt looks a little "off." Here's a clipfrom Yu Darvish's postgame press session, with someone asking him how he will continue to keep his walks under control and Darvish replying that he was going to do "whatever worked last season."

T.R. Sullivan has a notes column where we learn that Engel Beltre's shoulder is bothering him and he might not be able to play in the World Baseball Classic, Colby Lewis is alarmed that he's "feeling too good," and Tanner Scheppers is so fired up about the stiff competition to make the opening day bullpen that he is sidelined with a strained hamstring.

Evan Grant thinks that Jeff Baker could have the edge on Mike Olt for a bench role on the opening day roster, due to multiple years in the National League as a bench guy. He also had some salty numbers against lefties prior to 2012. Evan also says that Cory Burns' early spring success may be deceptive because he throws a changeup about 50% of the time, a pitch that relies on disrupting batters' timing at a time when their timing is already jacked up.

A.J. Pierzynski diagnosed Cody Buckel as "too amped up" during his first exposure to big league hitters.

Michael Young will be very disappointed in you if you boo Josh Hamilton.