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Thursday Morning Links

Sparks fly in budding Josh Hamilton / Michael Young bromance, Stephanie Meyer on board to pen screenplay


Another day, another Cactus League loss. Ron Washington says not to worry, though, until we're 0-5 after March 31, which we will be soon enough at this rate.

Alexi Ogando isn't exactly setting the world on fire, though he is letting it get on base. Ron Washington isn't happy with how Ogando has started the spring, saying that "right now, he's not where he should be" and "he's a work in progress." If you were worried that with Robbie Ross and Martin Perez and the like competing for rotation spots you wouldn't get a chance to see Kyle McClellan start, Fangraphs says keep your hopes up!

Cody Buckel has moved on from his awful Cactus League debut, saying that what's in the past is in the past, and that what's in the past is a 31 pitch outing in which he only threw 10 strikes. That link also includes notes that Leonys Martin might be relegating Craig Gentry to the bench, with his hot start leading Washington to think he might start against righties and lefties.

Ron Washington talked to the media on Wednesday and was asked if, like an old Dodge Aspen, the cold weather is the reason Lance Berkman won't start.

T.R. Sullivan says that Cory Burns is rising to the top of the relievers in camp. Fangraphs had an article a while back about pitchers without a real fastball that discusses Burns.

Sullivan also has a notes column where Jon Daniels reiterates that Alexi Ogando still has a rotation spot locked up, and that Craig Gentry has tweaked his hamstring.

If you can't get enough Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, and Michael Young and Josh Hamilton talking about Josh Hamilton and Michael Young, then this has been your week. Josh Hamilton said yesterday that he couldn't imagine playing for the Rangers without Michael Young in the clubhouse, though I think Hamilton liked Young as a teammate for the same reason that girls like hanging out with fat friends.

Ron Washington says that Mike Olt is trying too hard.

Gerry Fraley says that if shedding a portion of a large salary, removing a bat with negative value from the lineup and a glove with negative value from the field were not good enough reasons to be thankful that Michael Young is now a Phillie, you can also add double plays (the bad kind) to the list. In 2012, Young was involved in more DP's than (insert name which BigSteve will foolishly Google at work), tied for second in the league. If only we could have traded him to the Angels.

Yu Darvish and Nolan Ryan bobbleheads are among the promotions announced so far for the 2013 season.

A Collin County grand jury declined to indict Torii Hunter's son on sexual assault charges, and sometimes that's the best possible outcome for a romantic relationship.