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Monday Morning Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on baseball's future Super Bowl Champion Texas Rangers

I can see your halo
I can see your halo
Chris Graythen

Finally we've seen a San Franciscan Super Bowl loss in our lifetime. As the final whistle sounded the conclusion of the NFL season, it may as well have been ringing in a new baseball year. It's nearly here.

Richard Durrett continues to count down ten issues facing the Rangers as they enter Spring Training. Today Durrett asks: What's the deal with Jurickson Profar? Is he a shortstop? Is he a second baseman? Is he a Round Rock Express?

An article I saw from a few days ago but I don't remember seeing linked has Cowboys' writer Jean-Jacques Taylor opining about how Nelson Cruz's potential suspension will mean this offseason has been one epic fail LOL :DDDD

To which, behind the DMN paywall, Gerry Fraley inadvertently writes a counter-point by noting what the rest of the AL West has been up to this offseason. (Which is to say, not a world-beater among them.)

The DMN staff has a prospect primer on the suddenly maligned Martin Perez.

Lastly, speaking of the Ravens' 34-31 Super Bowl win:

As Adam linked to yesterday, Richard Durrett polled a bunch of Rangers folks to give their Super Bowl predictions. I looked back at it today and noticed this:

Nolan Ryan (CEO & President): Ravens by 3. They have the momentum.