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This Day in LSB History -- Michael Young Almost Traded

Two years ago today, we talked about the Rangers trying to trade Michael Young to the Rockies

Tom Pennington

Two years ago today, I did a lengthy post that was prompted by a Ken Rosenthal column in which he talked about talks between the Rangers and the Rockies on a possible Michael Young trade being in "advanced stages."

My theory at the time was that the Rangers thought Young was going to fall off a cliff in the next year or two, and wanted to move him and much of his contract before they got stuck with a bunch of dead money.

As it turns out, they didn't trade Young to the Rockies, Young bounced back and had a great 2011 season, but then he fell off the cliff in 2012 and the Rangers had to eat the bulk of his contract to give him to the Phillies this offseason.

So, yeah, a lot of what we were afraid of in 2011, and what we thought the Rangers were afraid of, came to pass.

There's also 600+ comments in that post.