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Wednesday Morning Links

Jurickson Profar eager to serve org in role as "Reason 2,703 Why Julio Borbon Will Never Be A Ranger Outfielder."

Pictured: Not Julio Borbon
Pictured: Not Julio Borbon
Christian Petersen

"The answer is, Leury Garcia, Jurickson Profar, and Mike Olt have all been asked to be prepared to work in the outfield this spring." Buzz! "What are things that I hope are executive-speak and don't mean what they appear to mean, Alex?"

Correct, and you have the board, LSB.

Due to a variety of issues, including the Biogenesis investigation and the fact that Nelson Cruz's hamstrings are as reliable as a ripped diaphragm, it makes sense to have contingency plans for one or more 2013 Cruz sabbaticals. Step forward if you can fill in for Nellie this year.... not so fast, Borbon!

Jeff Wilson says that when asked if Profar should be prepared to play in the outfield this spring, Jon Daniels said, "I think so, why not?" I would say the answer to which is for the same reason casting Elisabeth Shue as a nuclear scientist in The Saint was a poor idea.

Anthony Andro presents the somewhat saner case that Jon Daniels feels that if Profar is one of the 25 best players at the end of Spring Training that he could be on the Opening Day roster, in a sort of "anything can happen" angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin kind of thing.

T.R. Sullivan says that the club has told Profar, Garcia and Olt to "be ready for anything" when they report to Spring Training, like, I suppose, notorious trickster Gary Pettis' squirting flower gag.

Durrett seems to think Washington learned his lesson about riding his starters too hard last year and would be open to playing Profar and Olt if they make the team in a bench role.

Andro also has an interview with Jon Daniels that has, by my count, three variations of the question, "How bad was your offseason."

Ivan Rodriguez will be at Spring Training to work with the catchers and be charming and adorable.

The DMN has a prospect primer on Jurickson Profar, if you have just been awoken from cryostasis and are wondering who's going to fill Jeff Kunkel's shoes at short.

The #21 prospect on the LSB Community Prospect list (whose duties are to step in in the event that the first 20 are unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties), Roman Mendez, has a stress fracture in his elbow.

If you've been waiting with bated breath for Kyle McClellan to progress in his throwing program to throwing from a mound, Gerry Fraley has good news for you.

MLB has asked the Miami New Times to provide them with the records on which they based last week's Biogenesis story.

Richard Durrett looks at one of his 10 Spring Issues, an issue near and dear to LSB's cold, blinking, vacuum-tube studded heart: situational hitting.

Finally, here's a list of the top 5 faces in a random Alex Rodriguez video, though I feel it relies too much on subjective criteria.