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Thursday A.M. Things

Rangers reveal Borbon not available as possible Cruz replacement due to being devoured by Baphomet, Destroyer of Souls

Christian Petersen

Jurickson Profar, who we heard yesterday is maybe-possibly going to be asked to play some outfield in Spring Training, has decided that maybe the World Baseball Classic would be a better use of his time than playing out of position. Anthony Andro says that Profar had previously said that making the Rangers roster was more important than playing in the WBC, but that was before Operation Least Suitable Cruz Replacements was announced.

If there's one thing I love, it's slideshows. At least this one on the Rangers' catchers has some commentary by Evan Grant, so it's not completely devoid of meaningful content, though I rate slideshows as approximately as noble as putting a page break in a 750 word article in the patent page load inflation department.

Here's a video of Gerry Fraley and Evan Grant discussing Nellie Cruz and the Biogenesis issue. There's nothing groundbreaking, they just say there's no certainty that Nelson Cruz will be suspended.

Elvis Andrus was on Ben and Skin yesterday talking about what it would take to sign him to an extension. It sounds to me, though, like Anrus has "friendzoned" the Rangers.

Richard Durrett takes a look at how the Rangers might replace Josh Hamilton's production, and focuses on Lance Berkman, who says "I'm not saying the three hole is the most important spot in the lineup, but the three hole is the most important spot in the lineup." Replacing Hamilton's off-field antics may require contributions from multiple players, and so Ian Kinsler has been working all offseason on cultivating flaky injuries and incurring the wrath of a vengeful Old Testament God, while Mike Olt hopes to make the team as the primary source of alcohol- and floozy-related scandals.