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Galloway: Today's Promotions Mean Ryan Out?

The Rangers announced today that Jon Daniels and Rick George have received promotions. Randy Galloway wonders if this is an indication that Nolan Ryan is on his way out.


Late this afternoon, the Texas Rangers issued a press release indicating that Jon Daniels was being promoted to the position of "President of Baseball Operations/General Manager" and Rick George (currently the team COO) was being promoted to the position of "President of Business Operations."

One of the things that struck me in reading the press release is that neither Daniels nor George appeared to be getting a chance in their responsibility, and the press release focused quite a bit on Nolan Ryan and his contributions to getting this team to where it is now.

It led me to wonder if this was an indication that Nolan Ryan might be taking a lesser role with the team.

Well, the Star-Telegram already has a column up by Randy Galloway (and the fact that it is already up suggests he knew this announcement was coming) where Galloway suggests that Ryan could possibly be on his way out as the the Rangers' "owner." (I use the quotations marks because, as Galloway notes, Bob Simpson and Ray Davis are the moneymen who own the Rangers, with Ryan being a minority shareholder who basically operates as the general partner for the organization).

Its worth remembering that the front man for the organization when this group bought the Rangers in 2010 was intended to be Chuck Greenberg, who ended up getting forced out...Greenberg's departure would have resulted in Ryan taking a more active role than he probably planned on taking when he first got involved in the ownership group, and definitely a more active role than was expected when he was brought into the organization five years ago by Tom Hicks.

The column by Galloway is worth reading, and particularly noteworthy is that Galloway (who is probably as tight with Ryan, in terms of access and getting quotes, than anyone else in the D/FW media) got a "no comment at this time" from Ryan about the release, and he says a player agent has been telling people he thinks Ryan is going to retire.