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Sunday a.m. Rangers stuff

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Sunday morning Rangers news and links


The time changed last night, so I'm working on this at 10-something rather than 9-something, and the links are going up late. Sorry.

The Rangers played two games yesterday, and won two games yesterday.

Drew Davison has a writeup on the Rangers' 5-2 win against the Padres. So does

T.R. Sullivan has a writeup on the Rangers-A's game, featuring the pitching stylings of Nick Tepesch.

Gerry Fraley has a blog post on the highlights of both the win against the Padres and the 4-3 win against the A's.

Ron Matejko has his "Rapid Reaction" from yesterday's win against the A's.

Nick Tepesch allowed one run in three innings yesterday while continuing to have a strong spring, and Matejko writes that Tepesch is still fighting for a major league job, despite being a non-roster invitee who is attending his first major league camp.

Jeff Wilson writes that Tepesch is opening eyes this spring.

Evan Grant has a column in which he seems to be saying that the Rangers need to work something out with neither Nolan Ryan nor Jon Daniels having the final say, and everyone needs to just muddle along:

It may never be entirely clear who has final say in what baseball decisions. And it need not be. Ryan may need to acquiesce a little more to Daniels’ hiring and staffing decisions; Daniels may need to give Ryan’s opinions a bit more weight when they bump heads. But it should be clear to everybody that the powers that run this organization are determined to win.

This is all well and good in theory, but I don't see how it works as a management principle, particularly the next time there's a hire to be made, and both Daniels and Ryan feel very strongly that their guy deserves that position. Saying nobody has final say in baseball decisions is problematic, I think, and is just going to lead to problems down the road.

The DMN has some quotes from a radio interview Buster Olney did about the Rangers' ownership situation, in which he says that he'd heard this offseason than Nolan Ryan was unhappy. Olney also says that he thinks the Houston Astros desperately want Ryan to stay in Texas, because Jim Crane has the front office group he wants in place, Jeff Luhnow has all the power on the baseball side, and neither of them wants to deal with the public pressure of bringing Ryan in, or to bring Ryan in when Ryan has a dramatically different philosophy on how to build a team than the Astros do.

Wilson writes that indications are that Ryan will opt to stay with the Rangers.

Gil Lebreton has a column on Leonys Martin, who appears to be staking a claim to the center field job.

Tim Cowlishaw has a column on the addition of Lance Berkman, who is being asked to replace Josh Hamilton's bat.

Drew Davison talks to Jurickson Profar about his three biggest home runs.

T.R. Sullivan's notes talk about Nolan Ryan returning to camp, Mitch Moreland being scratched, Kyle McClellan being close to making his spring debut, and Joe Nathan.