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Thursday Morning Links

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Hey, guys, I just time-traveled from 2009 and I'm super excited that the Rangers might get Joba Chamberlain!


With only Michael Kirkman, Methuselah, and Jason Frasor having sewn up bullpen spots, the Rangers are apparently looking at Joba Chamberlain as a potential relief candidate. Here's my favorite Joba highlight reel.

Some "color" pieces on athletes, despite their best efforts, still make the player look like a Summer's Eve. That's not the case with this one on Robbie Ross, who comes across pretty well. It spends an awful lot of time focusing on his interracial marriage, though, and I was like, "come on, Drew Davison, it's 2013, there's a recurring black character on Mad Men now, for criminy's sake."

The Miami New Times has declined to cooperate with MLB's investigation of Biogenesis and their alleged trafficking in banned substances, and so we still do not know whether Nelson Cruz will miss 50 games this season from a suspension or from a pulled hamstring.

Gerry Fraley, from behind the paywall, says that Ron Washington wants lots of violent arm waving from Gary Pettis as third base coach, which I believe we can all agree is very important.

Finally, for reasons that have been mentioned by Adam on Twitter, I have been giving a lot of thought to the savings and consumption habits of the poor lately. My favorite nine-foot-tall lady economist has a blog post about a study that hints at a very rational reason that poor people spend lots of money on visible consumption goods: as a tool to fight discrimination.