Sportsmanship to Josh Hamilton

I know it's hard to do but when Josh Hamilton steps on the field we should all really just be silent. Maybe even clap to show that we are true fans and we hear the things he chose to say in a press conference.

What? Why?

Why be silent for him after all he has said and put us as fans through? Well first off the look up the definition for Sportsmanship. I think that is one that that really defines us not only as Rangers fans but as Texans. And I think that if we showed a little more sportsmanship than he has that will send a louder message than any booing that goes on.

I'm In! How can I raise awareness to this cause?

Well, we have a website that will explain more in detail why and you can actually purchase yourself a $20 t shirt.Or you can purchase straight from here:

All orders that are made by March 19th will be in your hand on Opening Day!

Also if you get your shirt order in today (March 15th) you will receive $10 off when you purchase 2 shirts.

With your shirt and silence together we can send such a louder message than any booing every would. Plus think about how great it will feel to see how his comments have got his own feet stuck in his mouth.