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Rangers in Las Vegas: Trying Their Luck - Spring Training GDT

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Half of the Rangers are in Las Vegas and half of the Rangers are jealous

It's Fabulous
It's Fabulous
David Becker

The Rangers conclude their sojourn in Vegas with Robbie Ross on the mound against Carlos Villanueva and the Chicago Cubs. Meanwhile, the unlucky few on the B squad make the trip to Peoria to face old friend Blake Beavan and the Seattle Mariners.

Here's the lineup for the Vegas game:

Here's the lineup for the SEA game:

Both of these game will be televised simultaneously. The Rangers vs Cubs game will be on FSSW, while the Rangers vs Mariners contest will be available on ROOT in Seattle.

So, if you have, you can freak out your friends and do picture-in-picture Rangers games.

Go all Rangers!